WDC Safety Team

About WDC Safety Team

CO-LEAD Safety Team members provide 24-hour coverage and Safe Passage services for Case Managers conducting LEAD program client services. Safety Team members ensure safe and positive interactions between CO-LEAD clients and Case Managers in residential/non-office and/or field-based settings and provide de-escalation services as needed to prevent incident.

WDC is driven by the principle that love, guidance and support are most effective in inspiring change and that racist institutional systems (such as legal, educational, health, employment, and economic structures) need to be broken down in order for young people to make positive choices, see their unlimited potential and envision a future where they can live their lives fully.

–Dominique Davis, WDC Safety Team

Safety Team members are trained to provide:

  • De-escalation and incident stabilization without intimidation or the use of force, except in defense of self or others and in compliance with Washington State law
  • Care coordination as appropriate (notifying i.e. medics, behavioral/mental health supports etc.) per written Co-LEAD protocols
  • Safe Passage
  • Non-judgmental, compassionate, participant-focused response.

WDC Safety Team